Horse Assisted Well-being

horses assisting humans


Horse Assisted Wellbeing  provides us the opportunity to observe the horse’s way of being which we then use to promote human wellbeing. Horse interactions with humans create a unique feedback system which we utilise in our services.

Horses are unique animals. They perceive human emotions and provide us with the opportunity to learn more about ourselves. As an accredited equine focused provider, we believe in the incredible power horses possess to facilitate human healing and personal growth.

As an accredited provider,  I employ evidence-based solutions working with my client(s) and one or more horses to assist in learning greater coping strategies to manage life’s stressors and to focus on your life dreams. This is often in an experiential manner and may include being in nature, grooming and horse ground exercises. It does not involve riding but may include led experiences.

You will experience the power of healing in a natural environment and where appropriate in the presence of our beautiful horses.

Horse Assisted Wellbeing enables you to achieve:
• emotional regulation,
• healthy boundaries,
• connection, grounding, mindfulness,
• self-efficacy and acceptance, leadership and resilience.

Our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy programs are effective with addressing the following:
• depression and anxiety,
• life’s stressors and triggers,
• grief, loss and change,
• relationship and behavioural concerns.

This horse-oriented approach to therapy and personal development has delivered profound results for people managing various psychological conditions.


I am an accredited Equine Psychotherapy practitioner with certification from the Australian based Equine Psychotherapy Institute. I have an extensive background in senior corporate management across a range of sectors including Health, Banking, Education, State and Local Governments. I have university qualifications in Business Management, Industrial Relations and Leadership. I have completed TAFE qualifications in Horse Care.

In addition, I have university Graduate and Post Graduate qualifications in Psychology. I am currently working as a Provisional Psychologist and undertaking further learning in child and adolescent mental health.